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2021 Annual Meeting Shoulder Access Pass
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The 2021 Annual Meeting Shoulder Access Pass features 65 faculty shoulder presentations from the 2021 AANA Annual Meeting. A few highlighted sessions include:
  1. Bone Loss: Contemporary Spectrum of Pathology, Stephen Brockheim, M.D.
  2. I Cracked My Latarjet Graft, Frank Cordasco, M.D., M.S.
  3. AC Joint Fixation Failure, Craig Bottoni, M.D.
  4. Biceps Tenodesis: High, Low, Tunnel, Inlay/Outlay – How Much Does It Matter?, Brian Waterman, M.D.
  5. Point/Counterpoint: Positioning for Instability Surgery – Welcome to the Future?, John Tokish, M.D.
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Contains (65)
Predictive factor for failure of conservative management in the treatment of calcific tendinitis of the shoulder
My Rotator Cuff Anchor Won’t Hold
Arthroscopic-Assisted Coracoclavicular Ligament Reconstruction: Clinical Outcomes and Return to Activity at Mean Six-Year Follow-up
Anterior Instability: Evidence-based Decision Making in 2021
Clinical Outcomes of the Open Subpectoral Biceps Tenodesis Technique with Implant-Free Fixation
Glenoid Bone Loss After First-Time Posterior Instability Events: A Prospective Cohort Study
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Subscapularis Repair (cadaveric demo)
Treatment of partial-thickness rotator cuff repairs with a resorbable bioinductive bovine collagen implant: 1-year results from a prospective multi-center registry
I Cracked My Latarjet Graft
Progression to Glenohumeral Arthritis after Arthroscopic Posterior Stabilization in a Young and High Demand Population
Arthroscopic Bankart Repair for Primary versus Recurrent Instability in Athletes
Return to Play in Adolescent Baseball Players after SLAP Repair
Questions and Answers: Instability: It's Not Just the Anterior
Subacromial Balloon Spacer versus Partial Repair for Massive Rotator Cuff Tears: A prospective, randomized, multi-center trial
Full-Thickness Cuff Tears Treated with a Collagen Implant: 1-Year Results of the REBUILD Registry
I Can’t Find My Biceps
Survivorship and Patient-Reported Outcomes After Comprehensive Arthroscopic Management of Glenohumeral Osteoarthritis: Minimum 10-Year Follow-up
Minimum 2-Year Clinical Outcomes After Arthroscopic Treatment for Glenolabral Articular Disruption (GLAD) Lesions: A Matched Case-Control Study
My Evolution in Managing SLAP Lesions Over the Past 20 Years
Failure of Posterior Capsulolabral Repair is Correlated with Percent of Glenoid Bone Loss
Superior Capsular Reconstruction Versus Bridging Graft: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial
Relative Efficacy of Three of Nonsurgical Treatments for Calcific Tendinitis: Physical Therapy vs Steroid Injeciton vs Ultrasound-Guided Aspiration
Where’s the Subscap?
Operative Versus Non-Operative Treatment of Severely Shortened or Comminuted Clavicle Fractures in Older Adolescent Athletes: Results from A Prospective, Multicenter, Level 2 Cohort Study
Bankart Repair in Adolescents: Clinical and Radiographic Predictors of Revision Surgery
Questions and Answers I: The Thrower's Shoulder
Lessons Learned in Posterior Instability
Platelet Rich Plasma in Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair: Clinical and Radiological Results of a Prospective RCT Study at 10-year Follow-up
Questions and Answers: Rotator Cuff
Suture Spaghetti
Questions and Answers: All Things Shoulder
Questions and Answers I: Anterior Shoulder Instability: Nuts to Bolts?
Effect of age, gender, and BMI on the incidence and satisfaction of a Popeye deformity following biceps tenotomy or tenodesis: outcomes of a multicenter randomized controlled trial
Arthroscopic Laterjet a Reality Check
The Effects Of Superior Capsular Reconstruction On In Vivo Kinematics, Glenohumeral Motion, And Patient-Reported Outcomes
Top or Bottom: What Makes Sense for these Patches?
AC Joint Fixation Failure
Decision Making in the Young Arthritic Patient
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Open Bankart Repair: The Lost Art (demo on cadaver)
Single versus Double Suture Anchor Configuration for Arthroscopic Onlay Biceps Tenodesis
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Arthroscopic Bone Block (video)
Questions and Answers: Massive Rotator Cuff
Debate: Patch Augmentation - It Works and I Can Prove It
Case Panel: My Worst Complications-Bottoni
Moderator: Panel Discussion: Treatment of Arthritis in the Young and Active Patient-Kuhn
Bone Loss: Contemporary Spectrum of Pathology
Questions and Answers II: The Thrower's Shoulder
Point/Counterpoint: Positioning for Instability Surgery – Welcome to the Future?
Panel Discussion: During Surgical Technique Spotlight - Superior Capsule Reconstruction with Dermal Graft (video)
From the Bench to the Operating Room: Optimizing Rotator Cuff Healing in 2021
Case Panel: My Worst Complications-Fronek
Moderator: Panel Discussion: Treatment of Arthritis in the Young and Active Patient-Pepe
Suture Button Fixation of Distal Tibial Allografts for Glenoid Bone Loss: A Preliminary Report
Biceps Tenodesis: High, Low, Tunnel, Inlay/Outlay - How Much Does It Matter?
Point/Counterpoint: Lateral Position Not so Fast - Beach Chair
Case Panel: My Worst Complications-Getelman
Glenoid “Pear Restoration” with the Traditional Latarjet versus Congruent Arc Modification: CT Assessment of Coracoid Morphology for Preoperative Planning
Workload Management in the Youth Athlete
Beach Chair Versus Lateral Decubitus Positioning for Primary Arthroscopic Anterior Shoulder Stabilization: A consecutive series of 641 shoulders
Case Panel: My Worst Complications-Kelly
It’s More than Size that Matters: The Role of Glenoid Concavity in Shoulder Instability with Anterior Bone Loss
Case Panel: My Worst Complications-Ticker
Questions and Answers II: Anterior Shoulder Instability: Nuts to Bolts?
Case Panel: My Worst Complications-Panel
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Open Latarjet - All My Tricks (demo on cadaver)

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