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2023 Annual Meeting Knee Access Pass
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The 2023 Annual Meeting Knee Access Pass features 71 faculty presentations from the 2023 AANA Annual Meeting. A few highlighted sections include: 
  • Should We Really #LaudTheQuad? My Case for BTB – Kristofer J. Jones, M.D. 
  • What's New With the Corners: Posterolateral Corner: How I Reliably Restore the Anatomy – Andrew G. Geeslin, M.D. 
  • Radial Tear Repair: Is It Really Possible? – David C. Flanigan, M.D. 
  • Medial Patellar Complex: Available Options and My Preferred Approach for Reconstruction – Miho J. Tanaka, M.D., M.A. 
  • Nanotechnology Arthroscopy for Awake Meniscectomy – Vonda Wright, M.D. 
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Contains (90)
Skeletally Immature ACL Injury: My Algorithm and Techniques for Management
Cleavage Horizontal and Radial Meniscus Tears / Lesiones Clivaje Horizontal Y Radial De Menisco
Surgical Spotlight: My Pearls for a Reproducible Quad Tendon Harvest and an All-Inside ACL Reconstruction
Meniscal Preservation: My Preop WorkUp and Preparation
My Tips for Clinical Evaluation and Radiographic Assessment With Patella Instability
RCR Failure, Now What? My Approach to Management of Complex Revision Rotator Cuff Tears
OASIS Trial: Revision Labral Repair for Recurrent Shoulder Instability: Does It Still Exist?
Extensor Mechanism Disruptions: Innovations to Take Back to Your Practice
Opinion: Hybrid and All-Epiphyseal Technique for ACL Reconstruction
Root and Ramp Meniscal Tear Repair / Lesiones De Raiz Y Rampa
Should We Really #LaudTheQuad? My Case for BTB
Horizontal Meniscal Tears: Preserve Where Possible
Medial Patellar Complex: Available Options and My Preferred Approach for Reconstruction
Techniques for ACL and Root Repair
Delphi Consensus Regarding Return to Play after ACL Reconstruction
Posterior Stabilization: When Can I Run? Bench Press? Grapple?
Meniscal Scaffolds in the PostMeniscectomy Knee: What's the Current Role in 2023?
Opinion: Micheli-Kocher Technique for Physeal-Sparing ACL Reconstruction with the IT Band
Synthetic Meniscal Substitutes for Partial Menisectomies / Sustituto De Menisco Para Lesiones Parciales De Menisco
Extra-Articular Reconstruction: Who Needs It and What’s the Data?
Meniscus Root Tear: The Case for Transosseous Repair and Centralization
Surgical Spotlight: Ramp Repair With My Two Portal Technique
Opinion: The MPFL Is Enough! Leave the Hardware Alone
The Road Back: Return to Play Determination Following Complex Knee Surgery
ACL Repair with Use of BEAR Ligament
Acromioclavicular Joints: Fix and Forget It?
Opinion: The Degenerative Meniscus in a Varus Knee: Scope It, Then (If Needed) Replace It!
Surgical Spotlight: Hamstring Lateral Plasty
Meniscal Transplant Using Bone Blocks / Transplante Meniscal Con Tarquetes Y Barra Osea
Surgical Spotlight: ALL Reconstruction Is the Way!
Opinion: The TTO Must Be Added!
Medial Collateral Ligament Injuries: Management in the Elite Soccer Athlete
Lateral Meniscus Repairs with ACL Reconstruction
Pectoralis Major Tendon Injuries: Repair, Reconstruction and Return to Function
Opinion: The Degenerative Meniscus in a Varus Knee: Alignment Is Key, Do the Osteotomy!
Osteochondritis Dissecans: Fragment Fixation vs. Retrograde Drilling
Only Soft-Tissue Meniscal Transplant / Transplante Meniscal Solo Partes Blandes
Level the Playing Field With Deflexion Osteotomy: Sagittal Plan Realignment for the Failed ACL
Meniscal Transplantation: Let’s Settle This! Slot vs. Bone Plug vs. Soft Tissue
Opinion: Trochleoplasty Provides the Stability You Need
The Grey Zone: Treating Meniscal Tears in the Early Arthritic Knee
The Role of Meniscus Transplantation in Revision ACL Reconstruction
Meniscus Deficiency in the High-Impact Warrior Athlete
Bone Marrow Edema Syndrome With Early Osteoarthritis: What's Next?
Discoid Management: When to Intervene and What to Do?
Questions and Answers / Preguntas
Revision ACL Reconstruction: One vs. TwoStage? My Algorithm for Success
Realignment Osteotomy: Decompress, Relieve and Offload
Salvage Options for the Failed Patellar Stabilization
Nanotechnology Arthroscopy for Awake Meniscectomy
ACL Reconstruction with Osteotomies
STAR Trial: Management of the Warfighter or Elite Athlete: Lessons Learned From Management of Complex Multiligamentous Knee Injuries
The Early Arthritic Lateral Compartment: Can Osteotomy Really Restore My Patient's Function?
Patella Instability: Physeal-Sparing Reconstruction vs. Adductor Sling Technique?
What's New With the Corners: Posteromedial Corner: Exploring the Dark Side of the Knee
Measure Twice, Cut Once: Virtual Planning Software Is HERE for Osteotomy
Grooveplasty vs. Trochleoplasty for Trochlear Dysplasia in the Setting of Patellar Instability
Patellar Instability: A Modified Delphi Consensus Statement
Discussion and Case Study
Arthroscopic Management of Hip FAI: Are We Better Than Placebo?
Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: My Journey and Results
Panel Discussion
What's New With the Corners: Posterolateral Corner: How I Reliably Restore the Anatomy
Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: Pain Relief and Joint Proprioception… Why Not?
Outcomes of MPFL Reconstruction With and Without Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy
From the Frontlines to the Sidelines: Rehabilitation Pearls for Return to Function After Hip and Knee Surgery
Patellofemoral Arthroplasty: My Indications and Pearls for Success
Pediatric Meniscus Repair: Safety Profile Based on Greater Than 2,000 Arthroscopic Meniscus Repairs
Risk of Reoperation After ACL Reconstruction: Comparison of Quad, BPTB, and Hamstring Autografts in a U.S. Cohort of 19,960
Case Discussion
Blood Flow Restriction Therapy: The Cheat Code for a Quick Recovery
Case Panel
Ideal Screw Length to Avoid the Physis for Fixation of Osteochondritis Dissecans Lesions in the Femur Condyle
Soft Tissue Quadriceps Autograft Is a Reliable Option in Revision ACL Reconstruction in Athletes
Is Biologic Augmentation Cost-Effective? PRP and Marrow Venting During Isolated Meniscal Repair
Panel Discussion
Should Surgeon Medicare Reimbursement for Arthroscopy Be Risk-Adjusted for Patient Complexity?
Combined ACL and ALL Reconstruction Confers Lower Graft Rupture Rates
MCL Pie-Crusting During Isolated Medial Meniscal Root Repair Leads to Improved Outcomes
Panel Discussion
Arthroscopic All-Inside Meniscal Root Repair: A Biomechanical Analysis and Prospective Cohort Study
How Young Can You Safely Use Allograft for ACL Reconstruction?
Diffuse Host Bone Marrow Edema on SixMonth MRI Predicts Osteochondral Allograft Failure
Injecting Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate Into Bone Marrow Edema Lesions Provides Excellent Outcomes

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