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Controversies in the Use of Grafts and Patches for Rotator Cuff Surgery: Augmentation, Interposition, Superior Capsule Reconstruction and Bio-inductive Scaffolds (AANA19)
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ICL Description
This course will familiarize the participants with the biology and mechanics of rotator cuff patches and grafts; the indications for augmentation, interpositions, superior capsule reconstruction and bio inductive in growth using graft materials, and; the surgical technique for graft implantation.
Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this educational activity participants will be able to:
  1. Identify and comprehend the role of grafts and patches in rotator cuff surgery.
  2. Identify and comprehend the clinical indications for graft usage.
  3. Identify and comprehend the surgical technique and potential complications.
Richard K.N. Ryu, M.D. | John M. Tokish, M.D. | F. Alan Barber, M.D. | Mark H. Getelman, M.D. | Daniel Adolfo Slullitel, M.D.
Target Audience
The primary target audience of the Arthroscopy Association of North America is members and non-members who desire to improve their arthroscopic knowledge and skills. Secondary audiences include international members, residents/fellows and other allied health professionals.
Statement of Need
The need for this activity has been determined based on a comprehensive analysis of existing practice gaps in arthroscopic surgery. This includes review of data from sources including but not limited to member educational need surveys, self-assessment results from multiple self-assessment educational offerings, literature reviews, expert-physician input, and intra-course observational evaluation from prior courses.
Technical Requirements
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  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled. High speed internet connections recommended for viewing of high-resolution images or videos contained in program
Technical Assistance
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Availability: On-Demand
Available Jun 24, 2019 to Jun 23, 2022
Cost : Member: $40.00
Non-Member: $80.00
ASES Member: $80.00
Credit Offered:
3 CME Credits

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